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Eco Artists New Zealand is a Non Profit Charitable Trust established in 2007 by Lochmara Lodge Wildlife Recovery and Arts Centre and a group of passionate artists from around New Zealand.

Eco artists share a passion for the environment and endeavour to create further awareness and raise funds for conservation through their art. This provides a vehicle in which artists and the general public may contribute to New Zealand's unique ecology and conservation projects.


Because of New Zealand's unusual evolutionary past, we hold stock to one of the world's most unique collection of plants and animals. Unfortunately one in two New Zealand endemic birds and one in ten of our native plants are currently under threat of extinction. Furthermore, a variety of endemic reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and fish species are also gravely endangered.


Artists and galleries from around New Zealand who register as
Eco Artists elect to incorporate a donation of their choice into the prices of their work sold. It is the intention that as Eco Artists New Zealand grows, the donations will be distributed annually around the country to 6 different conservation projects chosen by all the registered Eco Artists. Register here


Eco Artists can be found throughout the country. Please click here to be taken to a directory of Eco Artists.

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Kim Coutts Papatuanuku
Vaughan Carving Oamaru Stone
Timothy Mark Oamaru Stone Carving


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