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A registered ‘Eco artist’ can be an Artist, or a Gallery, who donates money earned from art to the Eco Artist fund.

In general the donation will be made on the sale of the art-work, and;

The smallest donation will be a minimum of 1% of any money earned from an artwork or an event promoted via the ‘ Eco Artist’ brand.

The one per cent minimum fee applies to any specific art-work sold under the brand ‘Eco Artist’, or to any individual works sold via an artist’s website, or via a gallery, when that web-site or gallery is branded or promoted as an ‘Eco Artist’ site.

It is expected that the artist and their gallery will arrive at their own agreement both the promotion and the payment of the ‘ Eco Artist’ contribution.

Any artist, gallery or purchaser may donate more than (the minimum) 1% at any time, if they so choose.

In honouring this contract the artist, or gallery, will only use the ‘Eco Artist’ brand on artworks/events or websites where the agreed donation is made according to the formular outlined above.

The artist chooses when and where to use the Eco Artists Brand to sell their work, then and only then are they obliged to make a donation.

For example:

If the artist is selling work in a gallery that is taking a large commission it may not be practical to display or use the eco artists marketing material, so no donation is required.

Any donations raised must be submitted to the trust within three months of the sale.  

These donations directly support New Zealand conservation projects.  
Only registered Eco Artists can access the marketing material and use the trusts brand to sell their work.

In order to insure all donation go directly towards conservation projects all registered Eco Artists pay an annual membership fee of $35. This money goes into a separate account which is used to support the administration costs of the Eco Artists New Zealand Trust.

Marketing tool

Eco Artists New Zealand will cultivate a brand that represents quality art and artists who have a strong connection to the environment, Registered Eco Artists in turn are able to utilize this brand as a marketing tool.

On receiving registered membership Eco Artists are able to log in to a secure area of the web site to download marketing posters, flyers, logo and cards to display at exhibitions or on personal websites.

The artist will also receive a listing on the Eco Artists New Zealand website. This includes a hundred word bio, one image, contact information and a link to your email and website.

The intention is to grow this family of artists and for the Eco Artists group to become a strong contributor to New Zealand conservation projects.

Interacting with other Eco Artists

Registered Eco Artists, will be able to log in to a secure bulletin board and share ideas, events, tips or whatever they wish with other registered Eco Artists.

Financial Issues

All donations (including membership fees) are tax-deductible.

All donations must be submitted within three months of a sale.

Receipts will be emailed monthly.

At the end of the tax year all donations can be claimed against the artist’s income in the “rebate” section of the tax return.

The trust is not GST registered.

How does the Trust work?

1. Eco Artists New Zealand is a non-profit charitable trust consisting of a small management team of four trustees and a secretary.

2. All donations are tax free and claimable.

3. All donations go into the Eco Artists Conservation Fund. 100% of this fund will be donated annually to nominated conservation projects.

4. Membership fees and separate sponsorship will support the website, marketing, legal and administration costs.

5. Annually, the Eco Artists trustees will announce open nominations for conservation projects around the country. Any registered Eco Artist is eligible to nominate a project of their choice.  

6. The Eco Artists trustees will select one project from each of the six national regions, which meets the Eco Artists criteria.

New Zealand Map To Show Regions7. The registered Eco Artists will then have the opportunity to vote for one of the six selected projects.

8. Based on this vote 100% of the fund will then be divided up amongst the 6 projects
(e.g. - area receiving 20% vote = 20% of the fund).

9. The trust will donate funds to the projects accordingly.

10. A proactive media relations campaign surrounding the announcement will be implemented.

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